E-Statement Agreement

First Colony Bank of Florida offers you the ability to receive deposit account statements with the bank electronically.  You may elect to receive this information in paper form by calling the Bank at (407) 740-0401.  There is no cost to obtain paper copies of any electronic records.

Your consent to receive deposit account statements electronically applies only to the receipt of electronic statements on the deposit accounts you have with the Bank at this time.

In order to receive this information electronically, you will need:

If you should change your email address in the future, please forward the updated information to the Bank for our records.

You may also withdraw your consent to use or accept the records electronically at any time.  In order to withdraw your consent, you may call us at the number listed above or contact the Bank at P.O. Box 940370, Maitland, Florida 32794-0370.  In doing so, please indicate your name, address, daytime phone number and the type of transaction(s) you are withdrawing your consent.  However, please do not include any account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN) or other information that is used for security purposes.