Business Banking

Additional Business Services

Business MasterCard® Debit Card

It looks like a credit card, acts like a check. Take advantage of a convenient way to access your business checking account to pay for supplies, client dinners or travel expenses, all without ever having to write a check.

Business Online Banking

With our Business Online Banking, you can do virtually everything that you would do at a First Colony Bank office location. It’s business banking anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a computer and Internet access.

Business Bill Payment

Save time and streamline your accounts payable with Business Bill Payment. It’s fast, secure, convenient and easy.

Merchant Services

At First Colony Bank, we are ready to help you with the fastest and most cost-effective method of accepting and processing your customers’ personal check and credit card transactions. Our Merchant Service provides you with electronic drafts capture for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Cash Management (Treasury Services)

Our Online Cash Management Services will help improve your business’ cash flow and operational efficiencies. As a business owner, you work around the clock. First Colony’s Online Cash Management Account works as hard as you do and is available wherever and whenever you need it. Take advantage of all the tools that will let you view, keep up with and move your money as you need. See a Treasury Services Officer today.


Ease the volume of paper transactions by creating electronic ACH files. Now you can create and transmit ACH credits and debits from your First Colony Bank account. Use this service for:

Positive Pay

Keep an eye on check fraud electronically by monitoring the checks clearing your account with our Positive Pay online protection service and minimize your company’s exposure to fraudulent activities.

Sweep Account

Maximize your earnings with a First Colony Bank Sweep Account. Excess checking account funds are swept daily to earn interest on your deposits or applied directly against a line of credit balance. Ask a Treasury Services Officer for details.

Wire Transfer

Enjoy the convenience of online wire transfers! And since you can send them from your office, it makes your business transactions easier and saves you time.

Remote Deposit Capture

Enjoy the convenience of making deposits 24-hours a day, 365-days a year from your office.

Courier Service

For businesses with important things to do, First Colony Bank offers courier service to pick up your deposits or important documents, and transport them to the bank. You select the frequency and the courier will be there! See one of our banking representatives for more details.

Escrow Accounts

If your business requires you have segregated escrow accounts, we have just the account for you! We offer a master account and as many sub-accounts as you require.